About Us

Spearstone is a team of experienced software engineers, business analysts, management and product consultants, committed to turning your ideas into successful applications. Our deep experience in mobile, web, cloud, enterprise, and hardware-embedded systems will jumpstart your plans, and deliver results, predictably.


App developers are a dime a dozen. But finding one that can ensure stable application architecture, cloud service integration, data security, and stunning user interfaces across multiple user platforms is a challenge.

With veteran engineers and expert designers we know what it takes to create a solid, successful product. Since building one of the first 100 iPhone apps, Spearstone has produced mobile apps in healthcare, education, entertainment, home security and financial services.


With cloud computing, your idea is more achievable than ever before. As a Premier Consulting Partner with Amazon Web Services, Spearstone brings over ten years experience using cloud computing to expand the capabilities and reduce the costs of our solutions. The result is not just a better user experience, but a more economical, and flexible business strategy.


Spearstone is secure. From our backgrounds and experience in healthcare, banking, legal, and data security, we have worked with the most security requirements. As a result, security is not an afterthought to our applications. It’s something we architect into the entire development process from design, to code, to deployment, and maintenance. We work with you to analyze, define, and prioritize security requirements related to network and application attacks, social engineering vulnerabilities, and disaster recovery, to find that balance between security and openness that optimizes your project’s success.