Remote Wipe

5 Reasons You Need DriveStrike

DriveStrike is no ordinary data and device protection solution!

Remote Wipe

The fastest most powerful drive wipe in the industry. DriveStrike sanitizes data and wipes not only your main drive but all secondary connected drives on the protected device. Spearstone patented our remote wipe solution in 2008 and serves thousands of customers across nearly every industry.

Remote Lock

Lock your device remotely on demand. Set a lock PIN on MacOS devices and empower your administrators with DriveStrike.

Remote Locate

DriveStrike goes beyond an IP lookup. We leverage all available geo-location assets including WiFi triangulation. You can initiate a locate at anytime from the DirveStrike device page to get the last device fix. DriveStrike requests location updates on a regular basis so you can track the historical location of any protected device.

Built By Experts

We weren’t satisfied with just making a good data and device protection service…so we decided to do something different. We reached out to many of the top business and security minds of today to ask them about things like ease of deployment, cross platform support, critical functions for data protection, and more. DriveStrike is the culmination of over a dozen of the smartest engineers on the planet who shared their expertise to build into this truly ultimate data protection platform. You can learn more about the DriveStrike at ourĀ website.

Simply The Best

Don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself. First time users frequently report how intuitive and easy DriveStrike is to deploy and use. We often receive praise for our world-class live support and service!