Spearstone Joins National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence Community

Cybersecurity & Data Protection Excellence


NCCoE is a collaborative effort where industry experts, government agencies, and academic institutions work together to address businesses’ most pressing cybersecurity challenges.

The Spearstone team joined the NCCoE team to help define and drive standardization and data security best practices. At Spearstone we are committed to delivering the best device and data security solutions possible at reasonable prices while providing exceptional customer service and reliability.

With the enormous growth in mobile computing devices, IoT, data inter-connectivity, and general data availability it is vital that authorized IT administrators implement and maintain control over those devices and the data which reside in them and are accessible by them. The surface area and number of attack vectors increases exponentially with each device that can access sensitive data and the requirement to protect against unauthorized data access necessitates Remote Wipe solutions so that when a device is lost or stolen the organization can quickly and easily contain the data breach risk.

We are proud to be an active member of the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence Community and are actively engaged in helping to define and implement valuable solutions that protect devices and data anywhere and everywhere.

The public-private partnership with NCCoE enables the creation of practical cybersecurity solutions for specific industries or broad, cross-sector technology challenges. Working with technology partners—from Fortune 50 market leaders to smaller companies specializing in IT security— the NCCoE develops modular, easily adaptable example cybersecurity solutions demonstrating how to apply standards and best practices using commercially available technology. The NCCoE documents these example solutions in the NIST Special Publication 1800 series, which maps capabilities to the NIST Cyber Security Framework and details the steps needed for another entity to recreate the example solution. The NCCoE was established in 2012 by NIST in partnership with the State of Maryland and Montgomery County, Md.

We encourage you to review the NIST NCCoE standards and examples, they are an excellent free resource that can give your organization a clear and sustainable competitive advantage in cyber defense.

If you would like to learn more about NCCoE or have questions on how you can start protecting your mobile devices with DriveStrike please call us at any time or email us at info@spearstone.com .

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