Mobile Development

Functional, mobile apps
Mobile developers are a dime a dozen, but it seems near impossible to find one that can ensure stable application architecture, cloud service integration, data security, or stunning user interfaces.

Spearstone is staffed with expert software developers that have been educated in the best software engineering practices. When we say we can build you an app, you are really getting so much more than just an app.

We develop for almost all mobile platforms including: iOS, Android, Blackberry, PalmOS, and Windows Mobile

Cloud Integration

Technology and data are moving fast, and straight into the clouds
It is becoming ever more critical to have access to data wherever you are. Powerful mobile platforms have made easy data access possible. Cloud services/integration is one of Spearstone's greatest strengths. We see the need for data accessibility and have the experience to provide that data through elegant software and mobile solutions. We build systems that make data accessible from smart phones, PC computers, Macs, the Internet, ,and even SMS/MMS.

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The work:

In 2007, an entrepreneur contracted Spearstone to implement his idea for a location- aware & content-rich TV and movie guide to be released with the introduction of Apple's App Store. Spearstone was tasked with creating a new experience on a pre-production development platform (the iPhone) within three months. In addition to a high-impact and intuitive iPhone application, the system also required extensive server processing to aggregate data feeds nightly for on-demand updates to millions of iPhone users, and a web-based configuration and administration console.


The application scaled to 4 million users in 14 months, and was rated by Apple as one of the top 100 applications of 2010. AOL leverages the technology, and it now powers the AOL TV website and iPhone/iPad app.

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