Spearstone provides a free initial consulting.

We can funnel your ideas into a product. We'll take time to learn about you and your goals. We can guide your vision into a practical, sellable application that fits your business model and budget constraints. Our goal is to get you want you want. We are honest and upfront about costs and/or potential problems.

Regular Consultations

As time passes on in the project we never cease to consult with you. We want to ensure that our clients have the same understanding as us throughout the development life cycle. We believe honest and open communication is the best way to have the most successful partnership and product.


Product owners need clear application requirements and featuresets. Spearstone excels in documentation and application definition.

This is where together we document the entire application. What is it supposed to do? Which screen does what? What security protocols must be conformed to? How long will this take? What roadblocks do we forsee?

At the end of this process, both you and Spearstone know exactly how the application is going to function in every detail.


User Interface
To ensure that your vision blossoms, we create detailed mock-ups of every user interface screen in your app. We analyze the needs of the user and implement code accordingly. We strive to make the user interface as simple as possible and yet hold to the highest standards of graphical quality. By the end of this time, you'll know exactly what your app is going to do and look like.
Did you know?
71% of all mainstream software consumers determine if an application is good or bad based upon the user interface and graphics within the first 5 minutes of using the application. If the experience is bad, most consumers will never use the product again.


The Code
Our engineers and QA team are industry veterans. We have adopted the best development paradigms and product management practices. We'll keep in touch with you throughout the development cycle. You'll personally handle and test your application from the very start. Our processes are efficient and transparent.
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